Qihe Bio Tech Company was recognized by China Ministry of Agriculture as one of High Qualify Development Bases in International Trade. 2023 is the tenth year for Qihe to operate in US. As of 2024, its US market share is about 60%. As of now, Qihe Bio Tech operates 5 farms in Atlanta, Seattle, Houston and at Vineland, New Jersey.  Qihe’s high quality mushrooms are exported to 50 countries.

需求 The Need

规划,设计和构建智慧农业基础结构。运用以基站为基础核心技术,实现远程监控和管理全美农场的数百个蘑菇大棚的温度,湿度,氧气饱和度,光照等诸项优化产品生长环境的关键技术指标。实施中心控制技术管理可以最大限度的优化产品生长环境,确保产品质量和甚至掌控产品收获期。 运用远程控制技术 还可以降低委派技术人员长驻客户农场的需求,大幅度节省人力人工成本。

Plan, Design and lay a foundation for intelligent farming.  Leverage private LTE as core technology to enable remote access to core sensors such as CO2, light, temperature and moisture, etc at over hundreds of mushroom greenhouses to optimize growing conditions and to ensure product quality or even harvest timing.  Optimized remote management will reduce the need to dispatch technical personnel to assist client farms, thus lowering the cost of doing business.


Leveraging similar technology will enable real time monitoring of entire mushroom production chain to allow consumers validate production, product safety and product authenticity.  Table side barcode scan presents entire mushroom growing process instilling confidence in consumers.  At the same time, the process will validate statistics for national food audit.


Construction of US Data Center.  It is critical to food and personnel safety in setting up safe, effective and reliable communications between Qihe headquarter and regional farms. The information center construction needs to follow a consistent level of professionalism in equipment, project management and workmanship.  Centralize communication among US farms to the headquarter and establish direct line with China via single point of contact impact productivity critically.

技术结构 Core Technology to Utilize

  1. 本项目以小型基站技术为基本框架,结合各地的实际情况,配置大功率无线商业网路作为技术补充。This project utilize LTE as its core infrastructure incorporating industrial wireless technology.
  2. 我们已经解决了国内外远程大棚管理核心设备实时技术控制的难题。We have successfully resolved issues integrating equipment made for China’s domestic usage with US compliance, validating real time operations of same equipment at both China and US.

技术结构 Core Technology to Utilize


US headquarter data center includes but not limited to the following equipment: 

商用服务器,防火墙,微软365,VMware, 和数据集中管理,实时备份和恢复,灾害防范,邮件保护,加密,无线监控等。员工网络使用和安全教育训练及操作程序规范也包含在服务范围之内。

Professional grade servers, firewalls, MS 365, MS Sharepoints, VMWare which centralizes data, real time data synchronization and business continuity. Email threat protection, encryption, and solar based surveillance, etc. Standardized operating procedures and cyber security awareness training, etc.

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