We offer E-rate Category 1 and 2 services, including but not limited to:

  • Internet services
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant assistance (where permissible)
  • Telephones
  • Surveillance
  • Networking
  • Switching technology
  • Firewalls and content filtering
  • Distance learning
  • Desktop virtualization

In partnership with IBM, NEC, and VMware, U-Combination Technology provides a desktop virtualization solution kit for K-12 schools. We assist schools to turn legacy PCs into modern computer labs that are capable of not only streaming educational video content, but also saving labor cost by centralizing the management of computers. Furthermore, the schools can deploy IT resources on an as-needed basis, reducing the cost for underutilized PCs and excessive electricity.


Core deliverables:

  • Transform legacy hardware into treasures by allowing Intel P-4 level PCs to stream multimedia content.
  • Virtualize software to save on hardware. With VMware’s virtualization technology, you can deploy and turn on resources as needed. Unused RAMs and disk spaces assigned to each PC box no longer stagnate. We virtually mix them and give users the right level of resources when they need them.
  • Centralize support. There is no need to go to every PC for cleaning and services. Remote management provide faster support at reduced cost.
  • Gain a solid and fault-tolerant infrastructure. Utilizing NEC’s GP servers, M-Series storage, and FT servers, U-COM experts build a solid data center to host all PC operations.
  • Benefit with a private cloud. Turn your iPad into a mobile PC lab. All applications on a PC can be used with mobile devices. The private cloud protects your privacy while you enjoy the service of a cloud.

International Sister School Programs

Starting in April of 2009, U-COM has been working with schools, like West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary School and Hope Charter School, to implement the Distance Learning Program. We have connected with schools in China and Ireland and have successfully conducted overseas teaching sessions. U-COM recommends a textbook and an outlined curriculum to follow for these programs.

Distance Learning
Distance Learning virtually breaks down the school walls. Through this program, teachers and students who are oceans apart can unite to move into the future of education. Real-time teaching sessions allow students and teachers to not only learn from each other, but also interact and gain deep, life-long knowledge.

Curriculum Sharing
Distance Learning enables teachers to collaborate and form hybrid, three-dimensional curriculum that are taught using the strongest tools from the teaching styles of both countries.

Pen Pals
The Distance Learning program encourages pen pals, student-to-student, and teacher-to-teacher communication. Having a pen pal engages all parties and all aspects of education. Friendships promote cultural understanding, and writing, reading, and listening enforces academic understanding. Also factor in the excitement of receiving and sending letters from across the world, which is an opportunity not many are afforded.

Exchange Programs

Through the Pen Pal system, exchange programs are born. Using newly acquired skills, students and teachers are offered the chance to travel to amazing destinations and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This program opens doors to great opportunities.

U-COM is currently working to expand the program to other schools, domestically and internationally, to offer a variety of classes. Contact U-COM if you would like to learn more.




“What really came across was your love for education and how technology can help us reach out goals.  Keep up the great work!”

Sister Mary McNulty

Principal, St Francis Desales School

“Their passion and dedication in education, and their ability to jointly analyze and classroom faculty’s needs to refine details according to our varied needs across all grades are the reasons we have been and are willing to continue to work with U-Combination Technology team to 2022 and beyond.”

Dr Stacy Phillips

CEO and Founder, West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School

“I am extremely impressed with U-COM. Nothing is too much for them. They are a very professional company, and what I appreciate is that the customer and education of our children is of high importance.”

Sister Jane Field

Vice Principal, Visitation School

“U-Combination Technology has provided JJC Family Services with IT services for many years. They are an excellent organization that not only provides us with all of our hardware and software needs, but they also have excellent follow-up. U-COM goes above and beyond to ensure that their services are available at any time of day – even evenings and weekends. Their service team is extremely prompt and utterly reliable.”

Mr. Richard Chapman

Executive Director, Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia


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