U-Combination Technology (USA) Inc. was established in 1993. We provide tourism promotional marketing assistance for travel destinations and help K-12 schools with education technology.



U-Combination’s tourism promotion ranging from the integration of tourism information and marketing to consulting services for US and Chinese tourism destination authorities and tour operators.


美国友康科技二十八年来关注国际旅游市场的演变和发展,注重跨国界,跨文化间民众出游行为的研究, 在中外旅游的比较研究和实际操作中,积累了丰富的经验。

Over the past 28 years, U-Combination Technology (The Company) monitors closely the evolution and development of the international tourism market, focusing on the study of cross-border and cross-cultural behaviors. As a result, we have gathered rich experiences in the comparative research and are able to advise client on executable plans to attract international travelers to their destinations, be in US or China or anywhere in the world.


In this era of social media, the Company cooperates with Google and Facebook to share with travelers exciting opportunities to travel into destinations we support. We leverage statistical analysis to target intended audience, refine our postings, and execute operable marketing plans. Social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, allows us to interact with smart travelers to promote and recommend tourist destinations.

作为一个美国团队,友康公司熟识国际旅游市场特别是欧美旅游者出游决策习惯, 曾经和美国会员近美国人口⅙ 的美国汽车俱乐部深度合作组团访华。友康公司旗下夜鹰旅游公司曾受美国哈雷戴维森公司的委托组织实施了哈雷戴维森首届骑向孔子活动。 我们期待着为您的旅游目的地带来更多的游客。

As a US-based team, U-Combination Technology is well-versed with the international tourism market trend, especially the styles of European and American tourists. We have cooperated with the American Auto Club (AAA), which encompasses nearly one-sixth of the American population, to visit China in-depth. Knighthawk Travel, a subsidiary of U-Combination, was commissioned by Harley-Davidson Company of the United States to organize and implement the first “Harley-Davidson Ride to Confucius” program.  We are looking forward to bringing your destinations to the table talk of international communities.